• One Year Later
    We covered Camp Nyarugusu with nets and it’s working – malaria cases declined 26% in the first six months! Help us Cover Africa. »
  • Donate Your Birthday!
    Donate your next birthday to Nothing But Nets and help protect children in Africa from malaria so they have a chance to celebrate their next birthday too. Pledge your birthday! »
  • Take a Create for Nets Summer Challenge!
    This summer, tap into your talents and passions to develop a creative summer project that raises funds to help Nothing But Nets send nets and protect families from malaria. Start your challenge! »
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  • What Is Malaria?
  • What Is Malaria?
  • Every 60 seconds, a child in Africa dies from malaria. But insecticide-treated bed nets can keep kids safe >>
  • Take a Stand
  • Take a Stand
  • Be part of the generation that ends malaria. Help the UN end this disease.
    Raise Your Voice >>

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Team Bzzzkill at Work

Mozzie joins the La Porte Jaycees in an Independence Day parade. Check him out! See the Photo Gallery »

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Send a Net
We have a simple, proven solution to a deadly problem. For a family in Africa, a net can mean the difference between life and death. For just $10, you can protect a family and save a life. Send a net >>
Join Team Bzzzkill
Increase your impact by rallying your friends, family, and neighbors to send nets. How can you use your talents to raise money? Start a fundraiser >>
Advocate for Nets
Make sure your member of congress knows that the fight to end malaria is a priority for you. Raise awareness about the cause and make your voice heard on Capitol Hill >>

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Rick Reilly helped kick start the Nothing But Nets campaign with the United Nations Foundation in... Read the story

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